HR Policies



HR Policies

We believe that REN's success involves the people who work with us.





For REN, Gender Equality is a matter of fundamental rights and therefore, non-discrimination based on gender is expressly guaranteed in the Code of Conduct alongside other types of discrimination, in particular on the basis of race, religious belief or political opinion. REN and its employees are thus committed to acting according to the highest standards of individual integrity and dignity, and must denounce any practice that is contrary to any kind of discrimination.

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Recruitment & Selection

The overall aim of the Recruitment and Selection / Internal Mobility Policy is to ensure the choice of the most suitable employees, taking into account the headcount needs of Group companies and the different areas, as well as the characteristics of the job in question.

Welcoming and Integration

The aim of the welcoming and integration programme is to standardise and professionalise welcoming and integration practices for new employees in all REN’s business units.

Training and Development

The Training Policy is a critical success factor designed to ensure continuous learning and development for our employees in accordance with the overall and specific needs of positions and areas, in alignment with REN's values and strategy.

Performance Management

The performance management system is an integrated and coherent overall instrument for the guidance, assessment and development of employees and teams with the goal of promoting excellence and quality of service. It is also aimed at motivating employees by individually recognising each employee's merit and contribution.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation and benefits system is based on maintaining internal equity in accordance with market practices. This takes account of employees whose performances help to create value for the company.

The system is also a key component in the performance management policy and ensures a clear relationship between demonstrated performance and the amount received by employees.

Talent/Knowledge Management

The aim is to identify where the knowledge and the specific skills lies, as well as to create the tools to help distribute and share it, on a sustained basis, across the organisation. REN thus seeks to become an ever more distinct company in the market in which we operate, setting ourselves apart by virtue of our human assets.