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REN tops Corporate Governance rating


REN is the company that best complies with the recommendations on corporate governance, according to a study conducted by the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Portuguese Catholic University).

The company achieved the maximum score (10,000) and an AAA rating, a classification that reflects REN's good corporate governance practices.

This study by the Universidade Católica was commissioned by the Portuguese Issuers Association (Associação de Empresas Eminentes de Valores Cotados no Mercado - AEM) and indicates the level of compliance of 44 listed companies with the recommendations on corporate governance.

The assessment of the level of compliance resulted in the award of a rating for all listed companies, based on an index of points from 5,000 to 10,000, corresponding to eight categories, ranging from D (minimum) to AAA (maximum).

The average of the 44 companies analysed was 9,165 points, rising to 9,478 points when only the PSI 20 companies are considered.

The AEM/Universidade Católica study was based on the information publicly disclosed in the companies' annual corporate governance reports. There was no direct or indirect contact with the companies.