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How REN Buys

REN has a Centralised Procurement Area responsible for all acquisitions of goods and services for REN Group companies.


Procurement Area mission is to ensure the optimisation of the acquisition of goods, services and contracts, in what regards pricing and quality of service, contributing to REN value generation, while assuring rigour and transparency in the procurement processes, based on ethical and sustainability principles.

Procurement Model:

REN Procurement Model rests on a clear segregation of responsibilities between the entity responsible for specifying the purchase need and the entity responsible for the negotiation, and the entity responsible for managing the contracts and making payments. Decision processes are based on a set of internal rules and procedures applicable to the whole Group.

The Model encomprises a set of methodologies which contribute to the optimisation and reduction of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), with special focus on the analysis and management of REN Purchase Categories of REN.

Procurement Process:

REN Procurement Process focuses on all the Procurement stages, from the identification and planning of the necessity and to the contract management and payment of the invoice, including all the activities of managing Purchase Categories and Suppliers. For more information on REN Suppliers Management, please see "How to become a supplier for REN".

(A) Annual Procurement Plan

Consists on the identification and planning of all purchase needs of REN Group companies, aiming to define acquisition strategies for each purchase category, aggregating acquisition volumes, identifying potential synergies and leveraging savings for Group companies.

(B) Procurement

(C) Contract Management & Payment

After the approval of the award proposal, the operational unit will be responsible for the management of the contract, according to the terms and conditions agreed with the suppliers, and for the acceptance of the supplied goods or services which will allow suppliers invoicing and subsequent payment according to payment contract terms.