How to become a REN Supplier

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How to become a REN Supplier

REN Suppliers Management Model comprehends Suppliers Qualification and Evaluation processes.

The Qualification System entitles potential candidates to the possibility of being invited to submit a proposal to REN's Request for Proposal, contributing to the establishment of cooperation and partnership relationships with suppliers, under the framework of high ethical and professional standards, while complying with the legislation in place and in line with medium and long term sustainability policies.

Basic principles of this model are the principles of competition and equality of treatment and opportunities for all potential suppliers of the Group, and these principles rest on a set of objective and rigorous rules and criteria with the aim of assessing the real capabilities of each potential supplier for the Group.

The Qualification System encomprises the following stages:

It is anchored in the criticality of the REN Procurement Categories, and these are distributed across 3 (three) Qualification Levels. Depending on the Procurement Categories suppliers are applying to, candidates must submit and application to the Qualification Level applicable:

If you wish to become part of the REN pool of qualified suppliers, register and find out more at:

After having registered, you can begin the preparation and submission of your application to the REN Pool of Qualified Suppliers.