About REN



Welcome to the REN website,

Here you can find out more about Redes Energéticas Nacionais and how we work everyday to develop a more efficient, safer and competitive energy system that ensures access to energy for all, at the lowest possible cost.

REN has two main business areas: electricity and natural gas. In Portugal, we operate the main transport infrastructure and we undertake the overall management of the National Electric System and the National Natural Gas System. We also have a natural gas distribution concession in the northern coastal region of Portugal.

We take pride in the public service we provide and in the quality of our service, which places us amongst the best of the sector internationally. We achieve these results without neglecting the focus on the company's operational efficiency.

We believe that our success is due to a highly skilled and motivated team, so we invest in the development of our employees and attracting new talent.

We are strongly committed to sustainable development, and so we consistently invest in promoting knowledge and in research and development, strengthening the relationship between the academic world and industry in order to anticipate the solutions to major technological and environmental challenges, nationally and internationally. Therefore, we also actively take part in the construction of the European energy market and the future new generation of transnational infrastructures.

We hope that here you will learn more about what we in Portugal, in Europe and worldwide.