Strawberry Tree, Cork Oak, or Lynx? Find out who is the real Hero of All Species!

Following a halt due to the pandemic, the "Heroes" are back with a new show and lots of fun. The digital version of this year's edition is made up of new content, including a few songs and a video with a revamped version of the show REN promotes every year in schools across the country. On World Biodiversity Day, 22nd may, gather your family and friends and watch the show above.   

"Heroes of All Kinds" is an educational initiative that is part of REN's Social Responsibility Strategy, seeking to raise awareness among youngsters regarding the importance of protecting the biodiversity, preserving the forest and conserving threatened or endangered animal and plant species, namely the Hazel and the Yew, the Iberian Wolf, the Holly, the Strawberry Tree, the Iberian Lynx, the Holm Oak, the Great Bustard, Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork and the Cork Oak. 

The initiative, aimed at primary school children, is designed to complement school programmes through an interactive and dynamic approach to stimulate environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility among young people. "Heroes of All Kinds" is sponsored by the Ministry of Education and by the Ministry of Environment and Energy Transition, with the technical support of Quercus. 

Also learn more about each of the species of this programme in detail down below.


Teacher's Guide (all contents in portuguese)

Game Glória

Species posters