Reforestation program

REN, as a result of construction activities and produces direct impacts on maintenance and use of soil flora. As a way to offset these impacts has been, since 2007, to carry out several projects of afforestation in the context of the construction of new facilities and from 2013, extended this methodology to the lines already in operation.

These impacts are, for example, at the time of the creation or maintenance of protection ranges associated with their linear infrastructure (power lines and gas pipelines). REN, through your program of reforestation of the tracks of servitude, in recent years have planted close to half a million trees in an area of more than 835 hectares.

With the objective of contributing to the implementation of the European strategy for green infrastructure, through the transformation of today's public utility easements associated with the transport of electricity and gas energy, a multi-service delivery network, creating connection corridors and buffer areas between hazardous areas, was revived candidacy to the European Union's LIFE program, with the designation GREEN CONNECT After the initial bid had been the subject of evaluation by the EU.. For this project the REN has two partners, QUERCUS and the CIBIO (ICETA).

With this project we intend to prove that the abandonment of passive approaches and the adoption of more active approaches the management of vegetation in servitude, that are environmentally sustainable, can bring benefits in terms of reduction of maintenance costs, through:

  • Increased intervention cycle

  • Co-owners ' liability